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Originally Posted by Wizeman View Post
My question for our GM is pretty simple.

I was on board for getting Kadri and Colborne. Kadri and Ashton. Kadri and whatever. But at some point, you need the other team to agree. The leafs did not agree. You can whine and moan and complain all you want, and the leafs still arent going to do it.

So if the leafs are wrong, why hasnt ANY other team come up with some kind of acceptable value for the guy? Its been EIGHT months. Not 3 days.

EIGHT months. And yes there was a lock out but dont tell me the GMs were not having 'unofficial' conversations about llkely CBA terms and whatnot.

Of course they were. They had nothing else to do until a CBA was signed.

So in all these months, not one team has put up a decent offer for this 'ALL STAR' ????
That never happens. Not this long.

There can be only ONE solution to why there has been interest in Luongo but NO team has caved in and paid what Gillis wants.

It is Gillis wants TOO MUCH and over estimates the market.

So, my question to our GM is................WHAT exactly is going to change from now until the off season where EVER MORE UFA goalies will be avail ? Whats going to get us the good Luongo offer then that didnt happen in the last 8 months?
And how do you sandwich both your goalies into this 48 games schedule in the meantime?

Gillis has screwed this up in my opinion. Hes a great GM and I love the guy, but he has screwed this up.
Question for all of this profound insight you have imparted on us.

Do you think as this short season gets underway will some goalies/teams stumble out of the gate or accumulate injuries and feel MORE or LESS pressure to make a trade?

Will GM's who may feel the axe coming be more inclined to make deals to save their seasons or jobs?

The answer is yes because Gillis is waiting for leverage from this pressure to succeed that every GM has on them. Leading to possible openings for trades or rash decisions a la Gainey.

Sky is falling, sky is falling should be the mantra of so many on both sides of the Luongo fence. Its asset management and buissness acumen.

Lets just not bring up Hodgson/Kassian (and to a lesser degree Grabner) and my arguement holds up just fine

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