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Originally Posted by onebighockeyfan View Post
I think his point is that Subban was effectively #1D for the Habs the last two season. This is coming up a lot on this thread. The issue is that I could be #1D on a team stacked with one legged midgets on D.
Well, he had less ice-time per game than Hamrlik (very minimal but still true) 2-seasons ago. Wiz averaged more ice-time per game than both, although I'm not sure how much of that was due to his ice-time in NYI.

He was a #1 last year while Kulikov was a #3, hence the two minutes of TOI difference per game. I don't see how Kulikov is worth $2.5M and Subban think he's worth $6M. The difference between them is not $3.5M. It's not even $2M at this point. If Subban proves he can be the #1 defenseman again this season and show some more consistency, then by all means, sign him long-term.

I would rather see MB and PK agree to a 1-year deal and work on the long term thing this off-season. Give him $4M to play the rest of this season and then figure the rest out in the summer.

Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
You said PK was a 1-2 dman. No. He's a #1 period and has always been that. Not Kulikov. You can't look at what 1 guy signed for and go from that. You have to look at the going rate for a PK type player which is a young #1 dman.

Kulikov is not a good comparable and neither is MDZ.
Absolutely ridiculous. If Markov holds up this year, he'll be putting in 25 minutes a night again. And how has 1-year of being a #1 defenseman say "he's always been a #1." Well, no, he hasn't. Two seasons ago, he had less ice-time than Hamrlik (both total and per game, although minimal) and possibly Wiz (don't feel like doing the math for Wiz).

And Kulikov will probably average at least 24 minutes a night this year, so he's not that far off what PK did last year. 2-minutes per game is a big gap, but not a crazy gap. Especially when Kulikov scored at a higher PPG pace.

I agree MDZ isn't a good comparable though. Kulikov is higher than him, IMO.

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