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01-18-2013, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
Here is the link that sources the biometric Sony controller:

The Eurogamer/ digital foundry articles are really good and relevant because they are well sourced and just came out today. May want to update your OP with more accurate information from them

I also saw a source earlier on my IMs that the Ps4 will be revealed in the coming weeks, before GDC and E3, will try to dig up that source as well.

Edit: found it

Double Edit: I think the tech within these new devices will work fine,that's usually never the problem. It's almost always convincing companies to make interesting games with tech not shared between platforms that is always difficult. Sure, some games totally suck (Lair) but I really liked the controller movement tech the PS3 launched with when it was used properly (Flower).

Triple edit: I really have issues with that VG247 article that implies 8gigs of ram is better than 4 when that 4 gigs is much faster ram. It really is not that clear cut and presenting it that way is bad journalism.

Sounds like PS4 controllers will be similar to WiiU controls with something that can maybe work to sense a heartbeat.

Meh. I'll wait and see how this functions in games before any of it means anything.

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