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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Not sure how many times I have to repeat this. But you cannot for one second talk to me about logic and then argue that our #1 Dman deserves less than guys like Gorges and Kaberle, or even Markov (considering he hasn't played in forever). How is this logical? Oh, because he's a kid, with two years of experience? So what? He is CLEARLY better than the rest of our Dmen. The only one that could be better has played about 60ish games over the 3 last years due to injury.
Also, from what Bobby Mac tweeted, Habs are not discussing any deals over 2years so I'm not so sure what you're saying is true. Meanwhile, you give a scrapper a 4year deal.

Here's how you run a team, you identify a core and build through your stars. It's a lovely idea to instill a philosophy like Detroit. But it's also much easier to do so when your roster is bringing you to the cup (and winning it). See if you have a solid team and one guy refuses to follow the philosophy then okay, the guy can chose not to be on a Stanley cup winning team.
Us, we finished 28th and now Bergevin is trying to give the guy that pretty much lead the defensive squad for 3/4 of the past two seasons that he's only worth 2years of investment. To the point where he's willing to start the year without him.
I completely disagree with MB's strategy, but I must say, he's bold.

MB should view PK as an exception, not a norm. It isn't a common thing to see a youngster dominate their position as he has at such a young age. So pay PK his cash, find a just middle. After that, if a future prospect comes in and delivers a performance where he's just as good as PK during his ELC deal, then he can negotiate a big deal. But otherwise you stick to te bridge contract. That won't happen often though.
If DD tops his season last year, you think he's only going to deserve a 2 year deal?
You don't try to skim your stars, that could very well back fire in your face.
He's not a #1D on every team in the league. Period. Look at the master list I sent previously. PK right now would be an outlier at anything more than 4.5-5.0 a year.

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