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01-18-2013, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
This doesn't make sense. He just needs to eat enough and he won't lose weight. I don't know the intensity of regular shifts and workouts in the NHL as compared to the OHL, but I would suspect there's even less time to train due to a condensed season and with the amount of play time he'd get he'll probably burn even less than he did in Oshawa. Anyway, my point is I don't see how a player would lose weight just because they come to the NHL.
it's not that simple. in a compact schedule they won't have as much time for proper resistance training/rest days which is crucial for maintaining muscle mass. Strenuous cardiovascular activity that lasts longer then 45 minutes (average) will cause muscle breakdown and without the appropriate diet, a strict exercise regimen and a suitable amount of rest he will more then likely lose a significant amount of muscle/weight. Often professional athletes put on extra muscle mass during the off season for this exact reason. It's actually not uncommon for a hockey player or even baseball player to lose 5-10 lbs during the course of their playing season. there is also the possibility that in a 24 hour period (say in back to back games for example) that without a proper diet he could lose an additional 7 lbs (up to 7 lbs everyone is different) in glycogen and water storages. this of course is not as much of an issue as i'm sure the organization has measures in place to prevent this, such as nutritional consultants or what have you.

everything could be fine, they could have enough time to squeeze everything in but according to Lavy in an interview earlier today the players will see about 4 days of practice and 4 days of rest per month. that really doesn't sound like enough rest to me but i could very well be wrong. i just think it's plausible is all. is that really a concern of mine, no. most players will be in the same boat.

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