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Originally Posted by spicy View Post
If you have a complaint, intelligently and calmly communicate it to TNSE, and move on.

I remember a time, not so long ago, when Wininpeg heard the Thrashers were coming to town, and everyone was saying about how "we will never take them for granted again", and "we will support them no matter what", "it would never happen again", etc etc etc, blah blah blah. really, it seemed like yesterday. *rolls eyes*

a shortened schedule was figured out, everything was rushed to be put into place, electronic cards were sent out, a $2.50 charge was put into place that was a bad move in hindsight, and now we have people *****ing and complaining about the team, the franchise, the owners, the league, hell even people *****ing about the upgraded sound system they installed above the scoreboard and it being too loud.

Grow a sack, let your balls drop, grab a beer, and shut up.

This ridiculous "you owe me or else youve screwed me" Winnipeg attitude that so many have is ridiculous. If you dont want your season tickets, give them to the next person thats been waiting patiently in line for the last year, and is happy to support the team, and isnt crying over $2.50.
While I sympathize with the "quit your whining" crowd, I don't think the fact that TNSE has brought the NHL back to Winnipeg gives them carte blanche to nickel and dime everyone on idiotic fees.

Sure, Chipman opened up his (and Thomson's) wallet to the tune of $170 million, but 13000 opened up their considerably smaller wallets to the tune of $500 - $1000 per seat for a deposit (i.e. an interest free loan). They also pay one of the highest average ticket prices in the NHL. There wasn't a lot of complaining though - you have to pay to play in the bigs, right? I mean, we yell out "True North" during the anthem...we're grateful, ok?

But I don't think it's unreasonable that a STH would be upset that they were losing something of value (nice printed ticket books you could split up with a STH group) - and not only that, but the prospect of being charged $2.50 to do something that used to cost nothing (handing out tickets). As I've said about 3 times before in this thread, that adds up to about $175/year in fees if you've got a group of 4 sharing 2 seats. Also, those fees are ridiculous in the first place. The concession stand might as well charge $2.50 to put your popcorn in a bag or your beer in a cup - in fact the profit margin on the ticket printing and forwarding "convenience fee" is probably even higher.

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