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01-18-2013, 06:07 PM
Gee Wally
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So. I had the strangest day in my 19 year career at my current company. I was called into my bosses office and asked/ told that they were creating a new position for me. The group I currently direct and established 19 years ago no longer really needs me and time for a new challenge.

There are 3 other departments they want to combine into one organization. Supply Chain Operations.
Because of my track record they want me to do it. Bring leadership, knock down silos, and instill fiscal and regulatory compliance. Only thing is I have no, none, nada technical expertise in the related disciplines. Where I was the company subject matter expert in aseptic operations and packaging now I'm the least knowledgable but in charge. I asked him if he'd lost his mind. Don't worry, it'll be fine says my boss. We wouldn't do this if you couldn't do it.

I guess I should be excited and maybe even thankful in this day and age to have a job.. It's just weird to be starting a new career , even internally, at 55 and not knowing diddley.

Mind is officially blown.

It will be announced next week and we'll see I guess.
Don't know in the next few weeks how much I'll be around here. Have lots and lots to learn.


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