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Originally Posted by TheBleedingEdge View Post
Question for all of this profound insight you have imparted on us.

Do you think as this short season gets underway will some goalies/teams stumble out of the gate or accumulate injuries and feel MORE or LESS pressure to make a trade?

Will GM's who may feel the axe coming be more inclined to make deals to save their seasons or jobs?

The answer is yes because Gillis is waiting for leverage from this pressure to succeed that every GM has on them. Leading to possible openings for trades or rash decisions a la Gainey.

Sky is falling, sky is falling should be the mantra of so many on both sides of the Luongo fence. Its asset management and buissness acumen.

Lets just not bring up Hodgson/Kassian (and to a lesser degree Grabner) and my arguement holds up just fine
I am just a fan just like yourself. My 'wisdom' would be for the canucks to go 48-0 and win the stanley cup.

But that wont necessarily make it so.

Just like my wish to get full value for Lui. We can wish all the scenarios all we want but it wont necessarily make it so.

As a Canuck fan, your logic sounds fine to me. Maybe a team will stumble and be forced to trade for Luongo. Goaltending is a fickle position however, and a guy is good one week then sucks the next. Its the one position that rarely gets traded for at the deadline.

From a business point of view, I would suggest that the Luongo situation played itself out and we now entertain trading Cory Schneider for value and hanging onto Luongo for the duration.

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