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01-18-2013, 06:18 PM
Valar Morgulis
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Game development costs aren't a problem, bloated, inefficient, badly managed teams are the issue as well as the rocketing cost of marketing.

I mean, it's not like smaller devs like Cd Projekt Red are going broke making Witcher 2 for PC, which undoubtedly looks better than anything on consoles, and is only slightly below top notch next gen consoles.

The real problem really is marketing budgets, and marketing teams getting their fingers into game development.

Edit: One major factor I forgot to mention is unreal sales expectations (this is mainly what killed THQ). Properly managing your budget and aiming low for sales and making a good game within strict boundaries (Borderlands) can be an infinitely safer process than bloated budgets and expecting to sell a billion units just to break even (Kingdoms of Amalaur)

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