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01-18-2013, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by SilverSeven View Post
There are free VPNs but they will be VERY slow. You have to pay. Its worth it though. Lets you watch Hulu and similar sites (not to mention all the Sens games).

I use Private Internet Access. Much better than IMO, and comes with far more recommendation.

Other added benefits of VPNs are that they encrypt your connection, meaning your provider cant see what the traffic is (aka, Rogers wont be able to throttle your p2p because they wont know they are torrents) and it protects you from people who may want to identify you by your IP (aka, no one can tell its you)

American VPNs are recommended. Despite their draconian file sharing laws, the US is one of only a handful of countries that does not require logging. This means that VPNs there can choose not to log any info, which means if anyone ever asks "who is this using this VPN to get this?" the VPN can say "we literally do not have that info". In some countries they must keep logs, and in some they must turn them over if asked.
Is a VPN "membership" (or whatever the term is) for your internet provider connection, or the computer you're using it with? For example, if I paid for a VPN service, can I use that anywhere, say the library, that I take my laptop?

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