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a couple of helpful hints for the newbies:

games begin tomorrow. Make sure to check your lineup for Saturday to make sure you don't have anyone who's playing sitting on your bench. You can edit your lineups up until a player's game starts (ie if you've got a player whose team plays a game at 4pm PT tomorrow, you can edit them in or out of your lineup until 3:59pm PT) If a player has a little yellow note icon with a red burst in it, it means there's current news about that player, which could include injury reports. So be sure to check those.

All players who weren't drafted last night are put through waivers after the draft. The waiver period lasts for 2 days, so Saturday night/Sunday morning will see anyone who wasn't picked up become a full fledged FA. This is important for attempting to pick up a player who's not on a team

-If the player is a free agent, the acquisition is immediate (although you can't put that player into your lineup until the next day) and is first-come, first-serve.

-If the player is on waivers, he isn't awarded to a team until the waiver period expires. This is to allow multiple teams to potentially try and claim the player. If more than one team does want the player, he will be given to whichever team has the highest waiver priority (you can see this on the main standings page). Initial waiver priority is based on the reverse of draft order (infiniterb has highest initial waiver priority because he picked 12th/last in round 1. deekortiz3 has the lowest waiver priority because he picked 1st) But each time you make a successful waiver claim, your priority is rest to be last on the list.

I apologize if this comes off as kind of confusing. you'll see how it works if you poke around with teh waivers and whatnot a little bit. So if there's someone you didn't draft but want it pick, right now you have to decide on balancing putting a waiver claim in now to try and get the jump on anyone else (and hope that no one higher than you on the waiver list wants the same guy) vs waiting until the FA period hits so that you don't waste your waiver priority, but risk that someone else swoops in and gets them before you have a chance to.

After the initial mass-waiving of every non-drafted player, players go on waivers whenever they are dropped off of a team to free agency.


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