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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
We'll stop with the car analogy, you know what my point was. The cap is going down next year. Yeah, we unloaded Gomez yet, it's not like we're 20 M$ under either. With more revenues as the CBA progresses, the cap with go higher. Surely as soon as a 2-year contract ends. We will then be able to envision giving him a lot with some tweaking to do but we will have 2 years to figure it out. Now, he's not helping. And not even helping him 'cause if he thinks he's all that already, imagine what he'll think in 2 years when there will be no doubts whatsoever.
Sure we can stop, but you got my point as well right?? Since the last lockout, the tendency has been more years=lower cap hit, so less years=higher cap hit. That was the general unwritten rule going around in negotiations when looking at the contracts being signed.
So, you want PK for 2 years? Don't expect him to sign at about 500K-1M more than Prust.
It's not like PK will just give you 2 years of him (where he could very well get injured and lower his value) at a cheap price just because the team was poorly managed.
I mean, Gorges and Price knew there was a very good chance cap was going to drop, and they apparently love this team just as much as PK, so why didn't they sign at a cheaper price? Neither of them really deserve their contracts. Easily arguable they are somewhat overpaid.
And are we going to ask the same thing of DD next year if he breaks the 70pt mark?

I don't think PK feels he's all that. That's a picture painted by fans/media. I think he recognizes what he has brought and brings to this team.

What baffles me the most however is this:
You have a star, actually willing to hold out in order to commit more years to this Habs team. He's not requesting a trade. He's not talking smack. He is one of the most promising rising stars on Defense in the NHL.
Let me repeat that one more time, this star is holding out because he wants to play here for a longer time.

Meanwhile, it's been a recurring complaint from fans that NO stars want to play here. That the only players (not even stars) that we could sign are passed their prime, older and we had to overpay for every single one of them.

Now we have one, but fans aren't for it. Bipolar fans I tell you. And before saying PK is asking to be overpaid, let's wait to hear what the numbers actually are because we've heard so many conflicting reports.

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