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01-18-2013, 08:00 PM
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Lots of typos, sorry.

LaFleurs Guy, I was going to respond point by point but I think it would be a bit too tedious. My big issue with what you're shovelling (and you ARE shovelling something) is that you're completely ignoring reality. The Habs don't exist in a vacuum, if they did your ideas would have merit but that's not the case at all.

Molson just bought this team; he is not interested in devaluing it and selling off assets. Also, after selling off good players who eat up minutes competantly we'll have to replace them with scrubs, nobodies, never-beens and generally untalented UFAs or green youngsters. You can't just forfit games, right? So who do you play?

Your "method" depends on strategic talent reduction for high draft picks when in fact it's nearly impossible to maintain that sort of atmosphere without spinning into an uncontrollable phenomenon. Losing sucks and everyone who has made it into the NHL knows this feeling and is fiercely competitive. I don't feel like you understand or acknowledge the reality of this very pertinent fact (or have ever played competitive sports). Just last year, losing close games over and over took it's toll on the team: 4 veteran starters got traded, 1 bought out and 2 entire coaching staffs were fired. Now we both know that the changes weren't necessarily for the bad, especially the coaches, but it stands that losing = turmoil, change, distruption.

I don't need to list off The Blue Jackets, Islanders and the like - do I?

Now this is all neglecting my primary argument: hockey is entertainment and if the Habs suck to watch the fans WILL go away. You ignored my point and dismissed it as "no they won't we still log onto HFboards"... Under Jacques Martin the hockey we played was brutally boring and less people watched games on RDS (until the playoffs that is.) we had dead arenas and inflated attendence figures, scalpers actually complained about this. This was for a .500 team. Molson doesn't want to lower his ********* ticket prices to keep selling out the Bell Centre, so he's clearly not going to approve some constipated attempt to lose in order to eventually win... maybe. People wil stop watching and it will hurt merchendise sales and the owner. Maybe irreparably.

I'm assuming you're aware of the term "Public Image" and the super long term affects of bad public image? The Habs STILL have not fully recovered from the early 2000s. They're a product being sold, like a shampoo, you're saying we should keep changing the formula until we find the magic figures that makes it super duper good. Well no, it won't work that way because no one will buy the fn shampoo if their hair will be falling out - or in the case of the TankHabs, if the team has no #1 centre, and keeps getting scored on because all the vets are traded from the D and Budaj is starting half the games and the players don't give a damn and start half-assing it.

It's just such a hair-brained, half-considered scenario and you're so obsessed with this narrative that I can't just ignore you as I typically do. It's just aggressively ignorant to important realities of life, buisness, public relations, hockey, inter-personal skills, etc. that I'm actually worried about you.

It's a new year, a new management organization, a new coach and a new CBA. We weren't that bad last year as we all know, and we will be getting better and better if we keep doing it. I can't promise a cup, no way, but I know they all want to win and will makes the moves they feel is right to achieve the goal.

Besides, we're just spectators afterall.

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