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Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
That's splitting hairs a bit, don't you think? Guy was trying to make a hit. Dirty or not, it's hockey. Are you really going to blame players for getting injured attempting to make hits? Would you rather them not attempt them? I get your general train of thought but I mean...that's a pretty unreasonable judgement, at least in my opinion. He wasn't going for a dirty hit or a clean hit, he was just giong for a hit, period. It turned to be a pretty questionable one, but it's still a hockey play. Had it turned out to be clean, would you still lay the injury on him? If he tore an oblique taking a baseball swing at someone's head I'd be with you.
Originally Posted by WarriorofTime View Post
People want the Hawks to be tougher (Carcillo) but don't want a player who takes a lot of penalties. Of course the Hawks "lack of toughness" accounts for their very favorable penalty ratio (277 Power Plays last year vs. 233 Times Shorthanded) which accounts for almost as many Power Play Goals (42) than Penalty Kill Goals Allowed (51) despite the Hawks being atrocious in both Special Teams areas.
C'mon, the guy is a bit reckless. I just want him to play tough and smart this year. Don't over analyze it. Playing half a season and missing the playoffs doesn't help the team.

I think the thing that surprised everyone or at least me is the guy can actually play some hockey. He's not just a side show.

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