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Originally Posted by islandermaniac View Post
first off, i just want to say that i don't want you to read any nasty tone into my goes:

you asked why would wang buy out dipietro. i will ask you, why would dipietro retire? he will never retire due to injuries. instead, he will get injured, rehab for a year, come back and play 1 game, get injured, rehab for a year, come back and play 1 game, get get the idea.

i think your theory is flawed because of your assumption that dipietro will ride off into the sunset. he has no reason to do this. i'll ask anyone this question: if your job was to go to the gym to workout and rehabilitate an injury, would you take that job for $4.5M per year for the next 8 years? hell, people do that due to real work place injuries and they don't get paid a dime! i'm pretty sure the rickmeister can handle working out for 8 years to collect his remaining $33M. that's not a bad gig! why give that up?

so why would wang buy out the rick? to make the team better. let's see if he puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to icing a competitive team. if he doesn't do it, there is only one thing fans can do to demand a better product and that is to refuse to go to the games. i guess we'll see what happens but the moment to do this is now, before dipietro gets hurt...again.
Not this +1,000,000
difference between logical thinking and illogical thinking. If players didn't retire from injuries Shawn Bates would still be playing. DP will retire if he can't stay healthy and I'm sure there has been closed door conversation discussing his future going forward with both him and Wang. People laugh about them going to concerts together and crap like that but in all honesty that kind of candidness goes miles behind closed doors. There is a plan, we don't know what it is, but it's Wang's money, his decision, and him being on our roster is doing nothing to negatively impact the team unless you are one of those Freudians out there saying that it's make the other players blue. It's not like we are worried about maxing on the cap. At this point in time it's best to look at DP like a dusty old faberge egg. It's possible that it may get cleaned off sometime and pay off, but it's also quite possible it will never be touched again.

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