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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
it's not that simple. in a compact schedule they won't have as much time for proper resistance training/rest days which is crucial for maintaining muscle mass. Strenuous cardiovascular activity that lasts longer then 45 minutes (average) will cause muscle breakdown and without the appropriate diet, a strict exercise regimen and a suitable amount of rest he will more then likely lose a significant amount of muscle/weight. Often professional athletes put on extra muscle mass during the off season for this exact reason. It's actually not uncommon for a hockey player or even baseball player to lose 5-10 lbs during the course of their playing season. there is also the possibility that in a 24 hour period (say in back to back games for example) that without a proper diet he could lose an additional 7 lbs (up to 7 lbs everyone is different) in glycogen and water storages. this of course is not as much of an issue as i'm sure the organization has measures in place to prevent this, such as nutritional consultants or what have you.
OK, I thought he was talking about weight, not muscle mass. Weight is easy to maintain, muscle mass of course less so, if you can't train properly. Not being able to maintain a proper diet is an excuse, though, since it's not hard to meet your body's requirements as far as protein, essentials fats and so on are concerned. Heck, you've got mass food chains all over the place and if they're travelling through airports there's plenty of food choices there.

But yeah, I understand if in light of losing muscle mass he'd want to lose weight so as not to stay at the same number and just gain fat throughout the season, I'm just saying it's an excuse and poor planning if he loses weight despite him not wanting to. You do bring up a good point in regards to muscle mass, although to be honest I really don't know what facilities those guys have access to and how badly broken up their weight training routines get. When they're at home, I'm sure they have the means to work out, but on the road it might get tricky, despite presumably staying at hotels with gyms.

Originally Posted by DownieFaceSoftener View Post
...and it is normal to lose mass weight over a season (ignoring replaceable water weight---goaltenders can easily lose and replace 5-10 lbs per game-- hell, football players can be forced to kill 4-10 poweraides over halftime) and bulk up and build muscle during the offseason.
Yeah, I'm aware of players bulking up during the offseason, but never thought about weight lost during the season itself. If they are to lose muscle mass due to not being able to train properly, then that's the best thing for them to do anyway.

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