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01-18-2013, 09:42 PM
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Originally Posted by spicy View Post
i have 2 seats in 316, and we have suite tickets within our family.

fair enough, and well said. Wasnt the 2.50 charge already worked into the ticket prices last year, and was it not deducted off the electronic cards for this year? This was my assumption. If not, then shame on TNSE, but they have corrected it. And i stand by my prior statement saying if you did have an issue with the way they did things, to be vocal about it to the rep you speak to, but also remain calm and dont jump to rash decisions (like the guy who wants to get rid of his tickets). If enough level headed individuals voice their concerns, things will be looked at, and dealt with accordingly.
It wasn't. My tickets certainly weren't 2.50 cheaper (they were exactly 3% higher, as you would expect from the increase).

Originally Posted by spicy View Post
Either way, if the charges did go through, $2.50 per each reprinted ticket isnt something worth getting rid of your season tickets about, or tossing in the towel on the team either.

People are still hot and bothered about the lockout, and rightly so. But to blame it on the team, the franchise, or anything else here is ridiculous. There were many other factors to blame, and to lose your marbles about a fee that ended up being waived anyways is the most ridiculously absurd notion.

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