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01-18-2013, 08:44 PM
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The Good

1. Klassen: very good game, showed good on-ice awareness, takes the body properly, good defense. His skating a million times better than it was 2 years ago.

2. Jean: all over the ice, using his size and skating ability. Drove to the net well.

3. Noob: scored two goals, used the body. It sucks that NHL teams don't want to give him a chance.

4. Yogi: Good game. He's dead set on not going back to the ECHL. Good skating ability, good size, decent ability to read plays, nice shot.

5. Parlett: rushed the puck well, did not cause turnovers.

Up and Down

1. Talbot: 4 goals plus 2 goal posts, but also made at least a half a dozen beautiful saves. This could've been much worse considering how badly Spring dominated this one.

2. McIlrath: more bad than good, to be honest. Looked lost out there. Not sure what to do, so sometimes he just stands around, sometimes he'll rush the puck with no purpose, but on the other hand, he's capable of rushing the puck to a degree most people here don't realize. He won't be an offensive guy, but he can move if he has to. Still a significant amount of time out of the NHL. Another full calendar year probably.

3. Mash: good along the boards, but clearly not used to playing with these guys. Let's see what he does going forward.

4. Pyett: better offensively than defensively, but not enough offense for the NHL.

5. Thomas: great shot, tries very hard, drives to the net and fights along the boards, but he keeps getting manhandled. He's fearless, but weak.

Nothing Special

1. Miller: again did a good job shielding the puck away from the opponents using his body, but not much else.

2. Tessier: does what he does every game, which is decent but does not stand out.

3. Wiebe: good penalty killer, not much of anything else. He'll stick around as an AHL 4th liner.

4. Kolarik: one of the better players on the team normally, but did nothing special tonight.

5. Haley: Looked like the Rupp of the AHL.

6. Bourque: he's like Thomas, but without the shot.

7. Wilson: showed he can be an AHL 4th liner who can fight and not mess up too much.

The Bad

1. Vernace: he's an offensive defenseman who can't score or pass. Holy crap! If hockey were soccer, he'd be a midfielder, but seeing as there's no need for a guy who specializes just in rushing from the blue line to the red line, I don't understand what purpose he serves.

2. Collins: if my last name had been Collins, I would've changed it after watching him play just to avoid any association. I see no redeeming qualities to his game. What is the purpose of having him suit up? To give Talbot an opportunity to stop a few more shots from the giveaways by this guy?

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