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01-18-2013, 08:47 PM
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if these guys were hitting RFA status, a sign and trade could actually make sense.

The fact that they're hitting UFA status, it makes ZERO sense. It just never happens and for good reason. Why would Horton sign a new contract as a UFA with Boston - when he can sign with any team he wants to - just to be traded to Edmonton? And the same is true for Whitney.

This is why you NEVER see teams sign a player about to hit UFA status and then trade him to another team. It just leaves a bad impression with the rest of the players on the team and other future players they may target in FA.

If, for example, Boston did this, then what happens the following season when Bergeron is about to hit FA? or the season after when Krejci hits FA? Are they really going to be that quick to sign their next deal with Boston seeing as how they signed Horton to a contract as a FA, and then shipped him out?

Or do you think that if the Bruins approached Horton and told him to forego FA, sign with them, so they can deal him to Edmonton, he'd be all that thrilled about it?

Every so often on these boards this whole "sign and trade" idea pops up, yet people don't seem to realize that it doesn't happen in the NHL, and for good reason. It's as likely you see sign and trades with UFA players as you will see teams loaning star players to other teams for a Cup run, and then getting them back.. again, just doesn't happen.

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