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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Get over yourself LL. No one is acting like anything. Our GM is acting like a jilted lover? Please. Why even make a statement like that?

What's Burke acting like?

This thing has devolved big time. If we go by what Gallagher has said, Gillis's price was actually met at the draft and it was Luongo who told him to hold off. Is that on Gillis? The fact is, we simply don't know what has transpired behind the scenes. Maybe Kadri + Bozak + 2nd is the asking price, maybe it's the TOR offer, we don't know. Maybe Kadri + Gardiner is being insisted upon?

That's what happens when you have the TOR media going full bore on the speculation, they rile everyone up, and they really don't have a clue. They're guessing like everyone else.
The problem with this story is that the 'deal' with Toronto would have been in place for a long time even if Gillis initially turned it down. It would have been a standing offer until Burke finally gave up and sold him for JVR.

The Schenn deal was still there long after Florida went out and got Clemmenson to back up Theodore as a statement. Long after it was obvious Florida was out of the question.

In other words, a story is being fabricated now to save Gillis from looking like a fool. Its crap and few are going to buy it. Nobody has even come CLOSE to Gillis' asking price.

Luke Schenn does not help the Canucks right now , and he is a 4 mil dollar guy who has not developed fully yet. Gillis wants guys to help the canucks now. He is being completely unrealistic about Luongo's worth to other teams.

He was apparently offered Schenn at the draft by Burke and Gillis turned him down. It was NOT due to Luongo. He turned it down because it wasnt enough. Regardless of whether Luongo wanted to waive or not.

Gillis would have already long knew who Luongo would waive to go to. He had 6 weeks fromm his trade demand to the draft. So either he was USING Burke to start a bidding war or Luongo was willing to waive and the deal wasnt acceptable.

Now, its true Luongo opening his fat yap and demanding a trade hampered Gillis' ability to move him, but Gillis has hung on too long and overestimated the market for him.

He means far more to us Canuck fans than he does in trade value to other teams. We need to trade Schneider and keep Luongo and then let Eddie Lack take over eventually.

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