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01-18-2013, 11:09 PM
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To all the posters mocking Vans player movement and GM.

Lets get a couple facts straight.

He signs his own talent for under market value. Sure you might disagree with the Lu contract but never the less many other contracts are team friendly.

Vancouver has signed a highly touted UFAs for discount contracts every year.

Only a handfull of teams have a deeper or more talented team. Of those most of them besides NY/philly tanked hard and drafted them.

Van will again compete for the cup. Barring a total collapse or injuries they should be a top 3 seed in the west again.

Van HAS one of the best top lines in the league
Van HAS one of the best d cores in the league
Van HAS two world class starters.

Van Has some holes in the line up due to injury. If all our players where available and healthy we are a top contender no question.

Mike Gillis has molded this team the last few years and set the team up to be competitve long term.

We would like to move LU. He deserves a starter roll in the NHL. He is one of the best goalies in the world. Voted MOST DIFFICULT TO SCORE ON BY THE PLAYERS one year removed. That itself outweighs anything us message board GMs can spout off about. ABove and beyond that he has acted with class and been a team player through this all.

Vancouver will be fine this year. They might win they might have an off year but the outlook looks decent too good.

All the teams saying they dont need LU are full of it. TO's goalie situation is tragic no offence.. How many years in a row are you going to ride the next big thing? How many of those have panned out so far?

If you want to ride rookies or find cheaper solotions by all means look elsewhere. But.. when you get sick of weak goals costing you games and you sit in that 9-11 hole again by 2-5 points remember all this spouting off.

Mike Gillis has proven to be a patient man. We can trade LU to florida for a meh pick or prospect anytime im pretty sure. Compared to garbage being offered up here id rather send him close to his family for his 6 years of great play and make a statement to the rest of the league. Vancouver canucks take care of there players come play here.

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