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Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
60 point wingers aren't that hard to come by. It's also worth noting that Alfredsson and Turris had good chemistry which helped both of their totals.
Yes they are hard to find

60 point wingers aren't common, which is why it's surprising to see so many people projecting more than that for Silf.

Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
Interesting. Turris was on pace to hit 50 points as a Sen despite missing training camp, and not playing the whole year with his teammates. On top of this he was 21 years old and playing in a completely new system. You think that he will never play better than he did last year? Last year was Turris' peak?

He was 22, which is not too far from the offensive peak. He may never have another linemate as good as Alfredsson.

He had a good year last year. I'm saying in the future, his bad/unlucky seasons will be around 50 points.

Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
Turris scores an empty netter to bring himself to 66 points in his last game and just like that MAK acts like he just saw a pig fly. 65 was predictable, but 66...**** is crazy.

And I'm on your side on this tbh, or at least lean that way. But point variance depends on so many factors, scoring a certain amount in one season doesn't say much about you. Unless maybe it was elite and people saw it coming...ahem, Erik karlsson.


Like I said, I see 50-60. I put it up to 65 for just that, empty netters/luck/ideal linemates and role/whatever. I don't see him getting past 60, but if he does it won't be like I saw a pig fly.

Originally Posted by praisealfie11 View Post
dany heatley doesnt have elite skating or puck handling. joe thornton doesnt have elite skating, and he doesn't really do dirty dangles either... ur standards are so weird u don't need all 3 to be a 1st liner
Joe Thornton has elite size and strength in addition to top 3 passing/vision.

Heatley had top 3 sniping ability. Best one shot scorer in the game and best at elevating the puck. He also had some sick dangles in Atlanta... you're underrating his hands, and also his passing skills. Elite offensive hockey sense.

Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
So saying that Silfverberg could be better than Alfredsson is out of the realm of possibility?

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