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01-18-2013, 11:45 PM
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Originally Posted by petrocelli View Post
Thank you much for this specific answer, but even more so for all the videos and info you've been posting in this thread the past few weeks or so. I haven't gotten around to checking out the videos (except for that one of Pedan making that sick move near the blue line). Can you provide your youtube link once again? I'd like to take a look at a bunch of the videos when I have a bit of time.

Will Pelech and Pedan be eligible for Bridgeport next season or maybe even at the end of this season for the playoff stretch?? I am assuming Kichton will be signed as well. By the end of this year or beginning of next year, I believe Pedan, Pelech and Kichton will be in Bridgeport. Considering De Haan, Donovan, Ness, Landry, Wishart and now Finley are already there, spots on the blue line will be getting tight in Bridgeport very soon. It wouldn't surprise me in the least bit if Mayfield is signed after this NCAA season and sent to Bridgeport as well (ala Donovan several years back and Nelson last year). Then it would be REALLY crowded down there. Donovan or De Haan better make the big club soon. We're running out of spots on the blue line.
Sure no problem.
I'll try and update this tonight with all of tonight's highlights. I just got home, had to work out of state today.

Pelech will not be eligible for BPort this year or next year. (Well, He'll be eligible LATE next season after his Juniors season is over.

Pedan Will be eligible as soon as his Juniors season is over later this year. I expect Kichton to be signed after his season as well, as well as maybe Mayfield, but you never know.

It will be crowded I suppose but most of the dmen in Bridgeport right now are HORRIFIC, Im talking about Landry, MCIver, Cantin, Hill etc. Those guys are easy cuts. For some reason Doug Weight and the Isles seem enamored with Landry. It's comical. I'm half hoping he makes the team, so that the folks who haven't seen him play and think he's better than Donovan can get a good look at him.

I could be wrong but I think this is the last season Donovan and Ness are exempt for re-entry waivers. So Next year they will hvae to make the Isles, or risk being scooped up (like we seemingly have been scooping all week). de Haan can go back next year, and he should to prove he is recovered from injury and can stay healthy.

I'm thinking at this point the Isles are just hoping someone picks up Wishart off waivers, they are calling him up just to send him back down and expose him the waivers at this point. I actually think he's one of the better defenceman at Bridgeport at this point.... but that's not saying much. They (Isles) seem less impressed. The Landry love affair continues.

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