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01-18-2013, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
Holland did not have the highest offer on Suter we know this. His offer was fair and I understand why it didn't budge from 90 million after going up from 80, but we know for a fact that was not the highest offer. It was a fair offer and a big offer but A is false, especially since his agent claims 98 million wasn't the biggest offer he got either.
Please read. Obviously, we did not have the highest offer, because Suter signed for more for the Wings. I forget who, and Google is being a jerk, but someone on here posted what I believe it was a twitter post saying that before the Minnesota Wild offered their ridiculous contracts that the Red Wings had the highest offer and best terms for Suter.

Originally Posted by WingedWheel1987 View Post
I look down on Ken Holland because he has done an abysmal job the past four years. Sorry if i dont give Kenny a pass because of what he did five years ago. You are welcome to do so.
So you hate GMKH because the salary cap forced him to gut the loaded roster we had from 08-09 and had resort to plugs while relying on some of the younger guys like Ericsson and Helm, some of whom didn't turn out to be who we thought they were. Sometimes things never go your way. It's hard to blame people when that happens. I'm sure you would appreciate being called a terrible worker at your job when you tried your hardest and came up absolutely empty.

His entire game plan to fix the Wings was to sign Suter. He gambled and lost by doing nothing with the roster the previous years which backed him into a corner that forced him to gamble via FA to fix a giant hole in the roster.
It was a legitimate gamble. As posters such as Rice who had sources on the matter reminded us, we were inches at times from signing Suter.

Elite players almost never make it to FA, and Ken Holland was busy massaging the cap hit while a "small market team" threw the Brinks Truck at both those players.
Oh please. Don't give me this garbage. What Leopold offered was an extra bit of chump change. Offering him $2 million extra to hit $100 Million wouldn't have trumped their plans to play together. It wasn't "Ken Holland doing some stupid thing that I imagined him doing because something didn't go our way and I need to chop someone's head off because of this." And again, based on negotiations, it was obvious we weren't interested in signing Parise. He had some money to throw at someone and tried with Parise, but it wasn't close. He basically did due diligence.

Holland should have offered over 100 million+ and seen how much "the power of friendship" was really worth.
Maybe he would have. We don't know. Suter didn't bother asking us if we wanted to match.

What number is "cap space" going to wear tomorrow night and how many goals do you think he is going to score?
Strawman argument. I never brought this up.

Originally Posted by RomersWorld View Post
I thought that the Wild, the Flyers, and the Predators all offered more money to Suter than the Wings did? Not positive though. I know Nashville said they would match any offer but were not given the chance to and the Flyers offered huge money but he didn't want to play in the East.
Google is being a jerk, and I can't find anything else, but according to this article and others I've found, the Flyers offered both $80 million+ contracts. We don't know the exact numbers.

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