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Originally Posted by jrgtml67 View Post
Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
According to you, there's not much difference between Reimer and Schneider. Perhaps Gillis feels the same way?
Gillis is a fool, and a hot the article on

Here is a quote

"The notion that we were asking for too much was floated in the Toronto media by a team that was extremely interested in acquiring Roberto and were using every means possible to try and force us to do something that we didn't think was right. That's nothing new in this business and it's not the type of pressure that I'm going to succumb too."

He is moronic if he thinks because Luongo is an allstar that, that negates the crazy contract that he was signed to. What is Gillis supposed to say? Of course he is going to ask for the moon, but he needs to come back to earth and realise Luongo is middle aged and will soon be on a decline in ability in comparision to his earlier years. Gillis should be trying to get good return but asking for Gardiner and Kadri, or whatever young gun combo he can think of is insane.

If Luongo was younger maybe 28 even sure I could see more value. I personally think Luongo is a great goalie and he would fit in Toronto very well; however I am glad Nonis isnt blinking and willing to mortgage the future of our club. I would rather miss the playoffs for 2 more years and get a Mackinnion or Seth Jones, and then grab a Connor Mcdavid. I know that is wishful thinking; however if you look at Pittsburgh in comparison...they are doing what the leafs are starting to now (finally). They gave the young guys a chance and didnt make rash decisions and trade the farm so to speak. In doing so they ended up drafting Crosby Staal Fleury Malkin....there is your star power base. As well I dont think the leafs need to make a huge blockbuster deal to get better...they sit at 28million cap availability right now, there are teams that will be murdered in the off season when the current cap drops. The leafs are positioned to scavenge from teams that made idiotic signing before a new cba was agreed on !

In summary;

The season is only 48 order to make the playoffs a fast start is a must dropping say 5 or 6 outta the first 12 games will basically crucify a team. As well, no team had any exhibition games to test out lineups and such really this is a fluke season for any team in the league regardless of who they have in their lineup. Sure it would be nice to have a team like the Pens, Flyers etc but dont we all ! Its a sprint to the post season...buckle up
How does this have anything to do with my post?

Not really in the mood to sift through your post to separate fact from opinion, but right now I'd much rather keep Luongo than trade him away for a minimal return(i.e. one not including an impact forward). As long as Gillis feels the same way, that's all that matters.

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