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Originally Posted by Garfinkel1 View Post
How do season tickets work?

assuming next year is a full season..

41 Home games x 2 tickets x *$60 ea. = $4,920 for the season
*Just a rough estimate

What other fees are there? I saw someone mention preseason - you have to pay for those?

Lastly -- Playoffs -> How does that work?

You can pay that regular season price in full, or by monthly plan usually divided in 8 or 10 months. Once March/April rolls around they send you the invoice for the playoffs, in which you can pay the entire playoffs in full or a round by round option. PLayoff tickets basically cost almost as much as your entire 41 game season. So if your seats were 60 per seat in regular season, probably about 90 in 1st round of they would charge you 90x2=180x 4 home games=$720. If the rangers only play 3 home games and advance, that last 180 gets put as a credit to your next round, in which the price would probably increase 20-30 per ticket or so.

The main key is that you have first right to playoff ticket and your paying the cheapest face value prices. Last year I sold 2 home games per round for over 2x face value and it basically paid for my other 2 home games per round. In reality I saw all the playoff games for free because the 2 sold games paid for the 2 ones I attended per round.

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