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Originally Posted by AfroThunder396 View Post
CM Punk is the current WWE Champion. He used to be a mid-high guy until last summer, he went off script during a promo basically called out Vince McMahon, his family, and other backstage executives for being morons and running the company into the ground. It made him a mega star overnight, and now he's the longest reigning champion since the 80's.

Ryback is a no-talent bodybuilder that was gift wrapped title matches because Vince loves super manly beefcake wrestlers. The Goldberg thing is because he's exactly like him - big, shaved head, short beard, bad at wrestling. People chant it to mock him.

Vickie is the late Eddie Guerrero's wife. Her job is to get you to hate her.

Shane isn't involved with the company anymore.

Brodus is a comedy dancing disco character. Kids love him.
Yeah, I know this post is several weeks old, but I 'm wondering why this is? I remember a few years ago, in Steve Simmons' Sunday editorial where he comments on everything and anything sports-related, he said something to the effect that Shane had been pushed out of the company and Stephanie was supposedly involved. A power play of some sorts...

Don't know how Simmons knew this as I can't imagine he has that many connections in the wrestling industry. It was a one- sentence comment, but an intriguing one nonetheless. Anyone have any insight.

I miss Shane. Enjoyed his heel persona, his antics in the ring and some of the crazy spots he did. Kinda wish he'd come back.

Until this week (Raw's 20th anniversary) I had not sat down to watch a televised WWE program or any wrestling program for that manner since Wrestlemania 27 so I'm a little out-of-date when it comes to annoying things fans say, but one that truly annoyed me was the "What" chants. It's been 11 years since Austin started that and I'm sure even he is sick of it by now.

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