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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Alright, even the greats can lose a fight. Bob Probert lost to Joey Kocur. He also lost to the odd heavyweight who tried to make a name for himself. In a way Probert lost these fights by default, no one could win that many.

But who are guys who you can't remember losing a fight clearly? In other words, maybe they didn't win all of them, but you don't have any recollection of them losing or getting embarassed. I'll throw some names out there, and if you can find video evidence to prove me wrong, or anyone else out there, I say go for it.

Rick Tocchet - Mean SOB if there ever was one. Just had a scary look to him, I don't know what it was, the way his eyebrows looked I guess. Anyway, he had his share of fights and I can't remember him being shellacked.

Stan Jonathan - He bloodied Pierre Bouchard pretty good. He did the same to Bob Lorimer in the 1980 playoffs. He was a little guy who is the best fighter for his size, I think. Can't remember him losing much, he always fought bigger guys too.

Wendel Clark - If anyone wants to put Cam Neely on this list, don't. Clark hammered him in the 1980s. In fact, Clark fought Probert, McSorley, etc. and never backed down from anyone. He was mean on the ice and as gentle off the ice as you can imagine. Another guy who wasn't big at 5'10" but pound for pound was as good as anyone. Maybe someone can find a video of him losing. The thing with him was that he just wasn't afraid to get punched, it was almost like punching a pitbull who didn't flinch.

Eric Lindros - One of the most underrated fighters of all-time. He didn't do it much because he didn't have to. But ask Joe Thornton what happens even if you wanted to test an over the hill Lindros. Or ask Scott Stevens how a young Lindros fared.

Chris Pronger - Always a guy people say picked his spots. Either way, I don't remember Pronger losing a fight, part of his mystique I guess.

Larry Robinson - Another guy who didn't have to drop the mitts too much. Didn't have to. Ask Dave Schultz from 1974. A young Robinson handed him his lunch.

Honourable mention: You could throw Howe on this list, but finding footage of him losing a fight would be hard. Rob Ray is another one who comes to mind. Always seemed to get the best of Domi for whatever reason. O'Reilly is another one. Like Ray, was a fearless caged animal who left himself open but also meant that he always had a free fist. I was going to put Cashman on here but I can remember Jim Schoenfeld beating him soundly in a fight where the zamboni doors flew open.

Anyway, throw some names out there and we'll all try to disprove it.
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