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01-19-2013, 02:49 AM
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Last i heard whiteny was saying he doubted he would ever be 100%... and was having a hard time being an NHL caliber dman. I like the guy alot and hope he makes a comeback but until i see him play 20 games healthy, i wouldnt go near him at the moment.

horton... is now a concusion risk. i wouldnt plan on him long term as one of my top 3-4 main building blocks either

i think this trade idea is premature. Boston can wait and see how Hamilton adjusts to the NHL. If he is ok, they dont need Whitney at all. While they put Hamilton to the 15-20 game test, they will get an idea how Horton is doing. If Horton is 'affordable' as a 5-6 depth guy up front, they can resign him. BUT if he wants to be paid as a top line guy then he needs to be let go. Edmonton cant afford him as a top line guy either.

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