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Originally Posted by Sean McG View Post
Does anyone know how strict the NHL is with sharing these accounts? I bought gamecenter to use on my laptop and Xbox, but my roommates also want to use it. Will my account get banned if multiple users are on it? It'd be three different computers, all on the same Internet in the same house, obviously.

Edit: I know two can't watch at once, just wondering if they let you share accounts at all.
Last year, my friend let me use his GCL account, since we are both Avs fans living in St. Louis. The only thing he told me was to wait a couple minutes after the game started for me to log in, and everything should be fine. I used it maybe 10 games last year, and never once did I ever get booted, and he never told me that he did. I usually used my laptop to watch and he usually used his Apple tv or PS3. Maybe that will change this year, but we both did watch last year on the same account, in different locations.

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