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Originally Posted by AfroThunder396 View Post
As a long-time Devils fan, it's my position that the 2001 team is the best team we've ever had.

The 2000 team didn't really come together until midway through the season, the 2001 team was pretty much an 82 game extension of the team that ran the gauntlet the year before. I'd argue the only team better during the DPE was the team they ultimately lost two, though I'd wager if you played that series 100 times you'd get 50 Col victories and 50 NJD victories. Obviously you give Colorado the edge because they won thge one series that actually mattered....but god damn, that was one hell of a team.
2000-01 were the most talented Devils team and the best regular season team, but the team after the 2000 deadline was a little better. The 2000 playoff team had Vladimir Malakhov as a #5, who gave them 3 perfectly balanced defense pairings, and an aging, but still effective Claude Lemieux, who played in all situations. They were replaced by a young Willie Mitchell in the regular season / Sean O'Donnell at the deadline, neither of whom was close to the puck mover as Malakhov, and Turner Stevenson, a great 4th liner but no Claude Lemieux.

Also, 2000 Brodeur > 2001 Brodeur.

Originally Posted by blamebettman View Post
The Devils pounded on Carolina for 3 straight games...but eventually Stevens just running roughshod over them ticked the Canes off and they came out and played an inspired game 4 and ended up winning in OT(a game that could've gone either way).

Game 5 was a lucky win by Carolina. The Devils outshot them 39-14! But Brodeur was off and they squeaked by.

Game 6 the Devils had enough and just murdered them
It was the story of the 2000-01 Devils. So much talent - they only played hard when they felt like it. They were on their way to possibly losing to Toronto in the semi-finals when Domi's cheap shot on Niedermayer woke them up.

Did it come back to bite them in the finals? Lou seemed to think it did. After the finals, he publicly said something to the effect that he had never been more disappointed in any of his teams ever. Probably why he was so quick to pull the trigger on trading Jason Arnott (thought to be future captain material at one point) and firing Larry Robinson in the middle of 2001-02 when the team slumped.

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