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01-19-2013, 02:39 AM
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I love this. Every Oilers fan (we remember you from the past discussions, and EK threads, or at least I do) is all "Gagner so much better AINEC, lol Turris sucks offensively and defensively". Sens fans are "It's pretty close, Gagner is more proven and good offensively, Turris is better defensively and will probably be better in the future since he has improved and Gagner stays the same"

Someone on the first page (I think) said "Gagner is so bad defensively he was leading his team in +/-" Which is hilarious seeing how Gagner was a +5, while Turris was +12. (Even though +/- doesn't equal defensive skill).

Both of them are young 50 point second line centers. One of them is more proven, one of them is more raw (as seen by Gagner's seemingly stagnant point production and Turris' improvement).

Also for random fact. Turris is better at winning games than Gagner, and that's what matters. Turris has made the playoffs, and scored in them, proving he can win games. Gagner has yet to make the playoffs, proving he cannot make his team win games. FACT.

Personally I wouldn't trade Turris for Gagner, nor would I expect Edmonton to want to trade Gagner for Turris. They are pretty comparable.

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