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01-19-2013, 02:51 AM
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Originally Posted by LiquidSnake View Post
Luongo contract is bad...
No it is not. It is only bad if you think Luongo is a washed up goalie and you want to get rid of him. In reality, Luongo is still one of the elite goalies in the league.

The Canucks have been built around Luongo and the Sedins as the team's franchise players. Kesler and Edler are Jonny come latelies. Until Schnieder blossomed, the Canucks only had one ligitimate franchise first string goalie - Luongo. Gillis offering Luongo a long term contract insured that the Canucks would always have a first string goalie at a fixed salary (which is rapidly becoming below market for a first string goalie) and that the Canucks would not run the risk of losing him during UFA status.

Schnieder turning out as well as he has could not have been predicted. It just so happens the Canucks have lucked out and now have two first string goalies. Unlike some HF fans thinking Luongo is now over the hill and washed up just because Schnieder may have won the Canucks first string goalie roster spot, that is not the case. Luongo is still the elite goalie he always has been whether Schnieder came along or not. Paired, the two together make for one of the strongest goalie tandoms in the league and makes the Canucks a very ligitimate cup contender even ignoring what kind of team the Canucks field in front of them. Add one of the strongest defense cores in the league as well as a solid first line with the Sedins and the Canucks will remain cup contenders for some time to come even with some possible weakness in the bottom 9 forward lines.

Gillis has maintained that he is in no hurry to trade Luongo or Schnieder. Adding temporary 2nd or 3 line forwards at the expense of breaking up an elite goalie tandom lessons the Canucks cup chances, not improves it. Unless trading Luongo or Schnieder improves the Canucks chances of winning the cup, the best trade Gillis can make is no trade. Both goalies are signed long term and both goalies have indicated they are more moivated by having the best chances to win the cup than worrying about who is the starting goalie and who is the backup. If after a couple of years Schnieder plays the UFA market, then because of the long term contract Luongo signed, the Canucks will still have a first string goalie with a hell of a team by that time in front of him.

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