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01-19-2013, 03:05 AM
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So we're doing an amazing job then. I guess there is nothing left to say.

First of all, if you're not going to give Crawford credit for feeding the Sedins icetime and being the first person to give icetime to Kesler and Burrows I think you have selective memory.

Second of all, Burrows and Kesler were given opportunity by AV in a time where there was a talent vacuum here. Who else was going to get played? Cowan?

AV's true colours are showing here and as a previous poster mentioned, he is risk averse. That means he isn't going to be an ideal coach as far as developing a guy like Shroeder

I give him and the team credit for goalies and defencemen.

Again, all I've argued is that our drafting as well as our actual player development is up for debate. And it is. Those things fall on both GMMG and AV.

I mean, we trade for Kassian...and he ends up playing 2 minutes less per game here? Even when he was basically in the doghouse in Buffalo at the time and had been eclipsed by Foligno?

Meanwhile if anyone has the temerity to bring up Grabner or Shirokov, we're going to hear the 'one-dimensional' crap again. Despite the fact Grabner left and scored 30 goals and played the penalty kill in NYI.

And you know what? Grabner MIGHT, when all is said and done, turn out to be one-dimensional. BUT WE NEVER BOTHERED TO FIND OUT. That's what I have issue with and you guys can keep mentioning 27+ year old guys who got their start as much under Crawford as AV and had no competition for roster spots.

You know what else bugs me about our player development? For all of AV and our vaunted ability to 'make the best of what we have' we have NEVER HAD A STABLE FOURTH LINE FOR YEARS. This despite bringing in some good FA veteran guys. Where is our King Williams Nolan line? And don't tell me those guys were amazing prospects and high draft picks either.

We can't be ultra-conservative like Detroit. We don't have absolutely rock solid players who will ensure a great 1st and 3rd line every year. And maybe we shouldn't be as crazy as the Flyers with 5 rookies.

Anyways, as usual the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But it's ok, you guys are satisfied with the way things are. I'm not. *shrug*

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