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01-19-2013, 05:42 AM
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I think this issue with AV isn't that he outright dislikes Skilled or Young much as that he's extremely hit or miss with it. If a guy isn't an 'AV Player', he's doomed from the get-go. But when AV does develop young and/or skilled players, they often turn out quite well. But it's within a fairly specific mold.

Basically, more than a hate for young/skilled players, i think the REAL issue with AV is a lack of flexibility in working with those type of players. He seems to have one real approach, and if that doesn't work...that's end of story for a player here. Unfortunately, players are a people...not robots, and the best coaches find ways to get the most out of all different sorts of players with all different sorts of personalities and demeanours.

I think it comes back to the 'Carrot and the Stick' thing. AV has the 'stick', but not much in the way of the 'carrot'. It works for some players, and for those where it provides outstanding results. Hardened two-way players often with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. But for those who don't respond well to that sort of prodding...they're essentially just cast aside.

Has to make it a lot more difficult drafting players, with that sort of funnel to the pros in mind.

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