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01-19-2013, 05:54 AM
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I've read that Machida walks around at 220 ... he's a natural 185'er? Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin are 185'ers who fight at 205. Machida is huge.
Originally Posted by BGDDYKWL View Post
I would absolutely love for Anderson to move to 205 after he fights Weidman, because I don't feel like there will be any real legit competition at 185 for him. At 205 you have Rashad, Shogun, Hendo, Gus, Jones, and perhaps Cormier. If he takes the belt there then you can give him someone like Mir or Barnett (or even Big Country), and if he wins that then Cain/Overeem. I'd like to see just how far this guy can go.
Anderson??? Dude's already 37, none of the bolded stuff is going to happen.

I would love to see Anderson Silva v Rashad or Shogun, but any talk about him cleaning up at 205 or fighting a heavyweight is insane. Anderson might have a CHANCE against a hand-picked heavyweight who is going to stand and strike with him (Hunt? Kongo?), but all this talk is insane. Anderson's a 185 fighter, the greatest of all time, so enjoy it, and stop asking Wayne Gretzky to tend goal or try his hand at basketball ...

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