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Originally Posted by MW View Post
The three players you listed for the kings were not a "consistent 4th line" last year. Two of them played less than 30 games in the regular season, and the other one was in the top 6. None of them show up as any of the other's top 5 linemates for the regular season or playoffs according to Behind the Net. In the regular season, Williams appears to have mostly played with Brown and Kopitar, King with Richards and Carter, and Nolan with Clifford and Fraser. In the playoffs, Williams appears to again have played with Kopitar and Brown, King with Lewis and Stoll, and Nolan with Richardson and Fraser.

I'm curious what you were talking about with that?
I didn't look up the exact line times, I admit that. And I was talking about the Kings 4th line from memory so I botched the names. But you didn't stop to ask what I meant by consistent.

The point I was trying to make is that the 4th line has to be stable and consistent throughout the year. That might not mean in terms of EXACT personnel, but in many cases on other teams there are one or two guys who anchor the line.

Your line combos don't change my argument. In King, Nolan, and Clifford you've got two rookies and a 2nd year guy who were trusted to move up and down the lineup and be put out there for significant minutes in the playoffs, not like our fourth lines.

Again, look at the Flyers. It's not like they are some bottom feeding team who are forced to plug these holes with rookies. Can you even imagine us carrying that many rookies and letting them play PP and PK? No, you can't. That's the issue I have.

And it isn't a matter of just 'oh let him play as much as he wants' or 'play him super sheltered'. Look what the Flyers did with Schenn. He was given a chance, he was floating, and they demoted him to the 4th, and then they gave him another chance when he learned his lesson. That simply doesn't happen here unless AV gets some 'oh let's put random player X with the Sedins, see if that works'. There is a chance to adapt and play these rookies as the circumstances dictates and we just haven't done that at all. That's what I mean by player development.

For example: the current circumstances are perfect to see what Schroeder can do for the 2nd line with Kesler injured and his chemistry with Raymond in training camp indicates that might happen. I'm withholding final judgement until all the waiver shenanigans get sorted out but if we don't seize this opportunity to find out what one our bonafide prospects can do in the perfect situation to have an excuse to give him a chance ... well, it just seems like the same old. Don't you find that sad as a fan of this team?

The thing is, I have already acknowledged parts of your argument to be true. But what you're trying to do is pick on details of my argument (which I didn't research this time, sue me) and ignore the spirit of mine.

We can get a LOT better at developing our talent up front in my opinion. But I guess we're just going to give the organization a pass again because it's easier.

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