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01-19-2013, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
Is that the figure he's being offered? If so, then I can see this being a situation where Bergevin should compromise given he's getting the 2-year deal. I have a feeling that he is offering more. Even IF Subban is super great blah blah blah, this step in his career did not have to warrant such a focus on the money. His first non-ELC contract really shouldn't be a monster. It's pretty ridiculous the more I think about it. What is the harm in playing the 2 years and then asking for a ton more for longer? What are those few million early in your career going to do for you? Not trying to tell PK what to do with his life, simply pointing out that we need to put things in perspective -- he just finished 2 years, Bergevin has probably explained to his the philosophy of how he wants the team to work (which everyone seems to be on board with: nobody is bigger than the team), that it is the right thing to do for an organization like the Habs to not try to break the bank. Is he worried about a career-ending injury? Is there some top level car he won't be able to buy? Just play two years at a significantly higher pay grade after your ELC, something most are not able to do to the tune of 3.5. (Although I suspect it's more like 5-5.5.)

PK is getting lots of money, even in a two year deal, he won't run out. The Habs have other players to pay/save for. They CAN run out. He's getting a good deal. Take it, play like a pro, make big coin in two years (that is IF you live up to it). It really is the fact that the rest of our D is supposedly weak that makes him seem like superman. I can't stand that he's not playing tonight, but it's really him that I blame for that. Yeah, PK, it's a business, thus you should understand more than anyone what Bergevin has to deal with - an entire team, not just now, but for the future as well. Make it to the All-Star game, then demand All-Star money.
Having a career ending injury with no long term security. You answered the question yourself.

I know there are rumors and such but nobody really knows the deal being offered. If PK is looking for something long term then I don't blame him. And on the other hand I can't see why a long term deal is bad for the Habs given the caliber of the player.

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