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01-19-2013, 08:31 AM
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Once again theres a lot of hype concerning team scoring "which is important" but more important "team toughness" This is not a team that plays a smash mouth brand of hockey in their top 9.
You can try to finess scoring all day, accomplishing such irregularly then claiming success.
Until the Isles plant their meanest players out front and shoot from the points they will not have a consistent offence. They have the tools to play a Boston/Philly style yet fill their top 9 with so called finess players. Sorry but small forwards are small forwards in the NHL.
The back end has more grit now but the Isles will need to change their style of play in the offensive end. The Vancouver's etc of the NHL are inserting young toughness on top lines to balance their finess.
Listen to teams chomping at the bit to find sandpaper to add to their top lines in the media. The Isles relegate their toughness to the 4th line.
Might be more a case of they haven't inserted toughness on the top lines due to the majority of the top 9 to date cannot play this game anyway. There is talent on this club, yet tunnel vision on using their tools may be the problem.
The team has tried putting a big guy out front periodically, then cannot get the puck to the net, next abandoning this style. Get people who will get the puck to the net so this style works.

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