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The previous season had left everyone disappointed and "deflated." If the boards had existed then, we would have all been ballistic.

I believe that was the season Brian Leetch got out of a taxi cab in NYC, slipped on the ice in a snow storm and broke his ankle (could be wrong on the year, it did happen but perhaps not that year). That was the only time I sort of believed in the "Ranger curse." A world class skater breaks his ankle on street ice? Really?

The mood after the the season was one of determination by management: they went after Keenan, who may have had other offers, quickly. He was brought in to add focus, discipline, and instill a sense of hard work in the team.

In training camp he began talking about the Cup right away, made up a famous video of what the Canyon of Heroes parade would be like for the team if they won.

Yes, the trophy they won in London was called the Mustard Cup (sponsored by a mustard company? French's?)

My own expectations was we'll wait and see. There were still lots of questions. Ironically, Mike Richter, who later got the reputation as a big game goalie, got lots of criticism for not being able to win the big game, perhaps because of his fiasco a few years earlier in the playoffs against the Pens. Some thought Glen Healy should get more playing time.

They got off to a slow start and in a practice on a game day, I think in Tampa, Keenan went nuts, broke his stick against the crossbar, and may have briefly sent the team off of the ice.

Rangers than went on a roll, winning I think 17 of 23. I remember them going into Toronto on a Saturday night and demolishing the Leafs. After the game, Leafs writers were effusive in the praise of the Rangers and their speed and skill. It was that point when I began to believe.

Trading for Larmer was such a key. His presence allowed everyone to slot into their correct line positions and he was such a classy player. Messier called him the smartest player he ever played with.

Can't believe Kovalev is still playing, the last active player from the Cup team. Seems so long ago.

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