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01-19-2013, 09:21 AM
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Well if management decides he should stay up (or go down) shouldn't we be smart to agree & defer to their expertise over message board posters that think they should do something different?
No, we shouldnt be a flock of sheep...thanks for the suggestion Einstein. Until anyone in management proves themself perfect we are allowed to discuss our opinions. That really is what this board is for. Not hard to figure out for anyone with a moderate level of intelligence.
I think he should stay up but if the B's send him down, I am going to assume that is probably best.
I don't think players of his caliber get ruined even if they are brought up early. I think players who have been "ruined" probably weren't good enough or didn't have the work ethic in the first place. I think good players will be good whether they get sent back too long, or are brought up early. Learning in the NHL has trememdous benefits even if the rookie season doesn't end up looking so good.
Did I suggest he would get ruined? Did anyone?

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