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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Višňovský said in an online chat yesterday he would like to play at least one more game for Slovan after Slovan returns from the Siberia & Kazakhstan road trip. Višňovský still hopes that the Islanders will permit him to play the game(s) for Slovan. It would certainly be reasonable, because Višňovský can't fly to America next week anyway, for family-related reasons.

Meanwhile, Slovan lost the first game on the Siberia road-trip 1-3 last night, which included an empty-netter. Višňovský could very well have made the difference in that game. The 9th-ranked team in the Western Conference is now only 8 points behind 6th-ranked Slovan, you get 3 points for regulation wins in the KHL, and next up, Slovan visits the arena of the Eastern Conference leader, Omsk. Slovan's run for a play-off spot could very well collapse on the final stretch.

Thanks again, Isles.
Vis (and you) just don't seem to understand. He is under contract to play in the NHL for the Isles. The Isles' season is now underway, so he should be in NY. The NHL and KHL (where Slovan plays) agree that the NHL contract should be honored and Vis cannot play in the KHL. He CAN'T play in the KHL. Period. Why is he even asking? By remaining at home he is either in violation of his NHL contract, or the Isles are allowing him to stay there because of the supposed family situation. THAT'S the accomodation. He can't then say, "well, since I'm here anyway, howsabout I play some games for the home team?"

The whole thing is absurd. It reeks of entitlement on Vis' part, which is even less appealing in someone making millions than it is in a regular person (although it's never appealing). And the arguments here making it sound like Vis is being reasonable and the Isles are being unreasonable are frustrating at best, when in fact it is Vis who is being unreasonable. He'll end up making over $30 million on his contract, and he has to honor it.

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