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01-19-2013, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by JackJ View Post
Canucks 13/14 Cap:

With the Elder signing -> - 60,403,333 - 13 players - 3,596,667 remaining to sign nine players.
With a Ballard buyout -> 56,203,333 - 12 players - 8,096,667 remaining to sign ten players.

Good luck Gillis.
I don't think he'll need it. Gillis has managed things perfectly. Let's look at these 9 or 10 players shall we?

Weise, Ebbett, Vandermeer, Alberts, Tanev, Lapierre, Malhotra, Raymond and Higgins.

My goodness, whatsoever will Mike Gillis do? He has a bunch of 3rd/4th liners to sign and a couple of 6th defenceman...oh the horror.

Weise, Ebbett, Vandermeer, Alberts will all be less than a million or around that point.
Tanev will get a modest raise (he's an RFA) but I doubt he'll be making more than 2M. Lapierre may get 1.5.

Malhotra and Raymond may or may not return - it will depend on their performance this season. Personally I doubt it, but they can return at a reduced salary if they want to come back.

Which leaves Chris Higgins? Who signed here for cheaper (1.9) because he loves playing here?

Wow, we sure are screwed.

All jokes aside, with the Edler signing the Canucks have their top 4 and Schneider locked up for cheap for at least the next 3 years. The top line is locked up for cheap for another few years, and Kesler is locked up for cheap for several more years.

The Canucks are in fantastic shape moving forward.

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