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01-19-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by BerSTUzzi View Post
You have to excuse some really bitter fans about the all media wearing the Leaf coloured glasses. We know they don't love everything Leaf but they do discuss everything Leaf, as much as it pains a Canuck fan they are the most popular team in the country (****** or not).

The problem I have with the media is they constantly trying to shift focus away from the Canucks (unless Luongo to Leafs), they react like they aren't very good (pray that a new Canadian team can make the jump) and then all of a sudden a bunch of them pick them to make the SCF. In addition, with the change of ownership by the Leafs it has really impacted Sportsnet's coverage of the Canucks. I hope it's just a result of the lockout and when the NHL starts up again we get a lot more updates, but right now they are brutal. We used to have a decent amount of coverage by Murph of training camps, this year was shizzen
To be fair, other than FAN590 and TSN1050 (both Ontario radio) the TV reporting on Leafs training camp was non-existant.I watch mostly sportsnet Ontario, doesn't Sportsnet West cover the Nucks? I'll admit that the Leafs get the brunt of the coverage from the Ontario based stations. How do you guys find CBC (HNIC)?

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