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01-19-2013, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
What he said was that he may never be normal, but was excited at the prospect of being able to play well again.

I don't think this deal makes any sense but I am curious how Bruin fans think things would play out so that Horton can be resigned. Excluding Savard's money they will have $9.5M left to sign 6 guys. Rask makes $3.5 now and if he plays well is looking at $4M+. Horton's cap hit is $4M but his salary is actually $5.5M. If he has a bounce back year he will get at least $4M and possibly closer to $5.
First off, they don't have 6 guys to sign, they have a bunch of forward prospects who on a lesser team would probably already be in the NHL. Now I'm not saying they are world beaters but they are what look to be pretty good 2nd and 3rd liners and they make $875,000 per year and they will have 2 forward spots at most to fill if things stay the same. Adding one of those guys and signing Horton fills the forward roster.

On D they already have enough guys signed to play and be a 7th D if they add a prospect who makes $1 million or less and if Rask signs for $5 million that means that they would have somewhere between $4-5 million to sign Horton which isn't likely to be enough but it is enough for them to decide if Horton is the guy they want and if he is then maybe we start to see some other players moved out.

The amount of cap space they will need is not insurmountable, it is likely to be $1 million or less and they could get that by trading 4th liners and letting rookies play.

It just will come down to how badly they want to keep Horton, what has happened between now and then(trades, etc), and whether or not they think they have someone to replace him.

If they dealt a higher priced player such as Krejci it would open the door to a lot more than re-signing Horton.

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