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01-19-2013, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Doughty didn't holdout during the season though. He was signed on September 30th, a week before the Kings played their first game.

This situation is just not good and I'm starting to be terrified I'll wake up some morning to the news of Subban being dealt for 50 cents on the dollar with Bergevin telling us how he wants ''character'' people here.
I can't think of a good reason for what Bergevin is doing.

Let's list some possible explanations :

1-He thinks Subban has a bad attitude.

If that's the case, that's silly because young people mature over time. Case in point : Chelios in Mtl. It's also silly because you will always find a taker for a player like that on the market, so you can trade the guy easily. There's no risk involved here. Not a good reason not to ink Subban long term.

2-He wants to teach Subban a lesson, show everyone he's the boss

That can be a good thing, but I wouldn't have done it with Subban. You have to pick your battles.

3-For the purpose of instituting a mandatory bridge contract after ELC.

This is stupid because there are enough rules in the CBA that you don't create more for yourself. These type of rules have certain benefits but every case is unique and you can't blindly follow a rule and expect the benefits to outweigh the downsides every time. IF you have Crosby on your roster, you don't let him hold out for a silly rule like that. Obviously Subban isn't on Crosby's level of importance but I'm just saying that rules like this should not be blindly followed.

4-He just doesn't think Subban is that good

That's the scariest possibility. If that's the case expect more nonsensical crap like that until habs decline further and Bergevin is fired.

5-Subban is holding out for 6.5M+/year over 5+ years

I strongly doubt it. He might be wanting 5.5M-6M though. But I can't see him ask for more.

That's about it.. I can't think of a rational explanation for what's going on.

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