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01-19-2013, 11:32 AM
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Gillis is being pig headed here. He has made so many great trades and deals, why cant he just man up and admit when he screwed up. He aint perfect.

He let Erhoff walk out, and so he licked his wounds and now has signed Garrison.

He traded for Ballard and simply refuses to even put the guy on waivers let alone trade him for a 4th rounder. He blew it. Lets stop wasting his time and our payroll. Dump him.

He signed that stupid Sturm which led to Booth as a cap swap but booth still may make it worth while if he can ever play again. He is going Dipietro on us.

Now he cant get rid of Luongo and wont admit he is the one who signed the stupid contract which is the sole reason why he is still here. Many GMs would have paid Gillis' price if the contract had 3 or even 4 years left.

So , instead of creating this chronic never ending saga, lets take the best offer we can get and move on. Or , trade Schneider. Its that simple.

Gillis is a great GM and part of it is ADMITTING when you screwed up.

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