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Originally Posted by KnightSpit View Post
OHL27 You make some good points, as a bit of an outsider who mainly follows the Spits and Knights I would say this about your D.

Pelech: A Stud, will be gone next year for sure, if not with The Islanders, in the AHL, so that will be a huge hole. Kuleshov, you are stuck with, coming from RUSSIA, probably has a No Trade, must see a mimimum of 50 games per season Ice Time, no matter what. The guy is big, has all the tools, but plays so soft. Last night against the Sting, I mean the Sanria Forwards on number of times could've sat infront of the next and tied their skates, without being bothered. Abraham, a good palyer, seems to be focused, Donnay is conistent, could use his size more, but keep him. McDowell underrated, still think he has more to give. Felker, tough to say, the kid as a rookie has lots of potential, too bad about the injuries, he needs so much more ice time. So if Pelech is gone and you trade Kuleshov (don't think it is possible with no trade) that leaves you with 2 open D spots for next year. Next up, that Murphy kid, as you said, or someone else did, has all the tools and size and apparently as someone else said on this board, is making a mess of points on the Junior team. Saw him play against the Knights last year he was good, was in shopping in Erie and he was palying sometime in December against the Rangers, fit right in. Maybe the kid just needs 20 games under his belt, or since he is an offensive D, trade him to a team that needs the points. Raddysh, saw him in one game the same game as Murphy against the Rangers, not much Ice Time for him, he was steady, not too flashiy, needs to get bigger, but could develop.
This team is really lacking defensive minded defenseman that can play in there own end. Pelech is obviously a stud at both ends of the ice and is one of the best defenseman in the O. McDowells defensive play is really down I find he is out of position a lot hence his minus 16 rating. However I am a huge fan of Jimmy! Everyone needs that offensive defenseman and I think he has pro potential, very good shot and smart with the puck. Abraham has very quietly been playing very well for Erie he's very smart, rarely panics with the puck, skates exceptionally well and although isn't big and strong he's very good with his stick and his positioning has improved. He plays the other teams top lines with Pelech, 25 minutes a night, first PK, and second PP and is tied for best +\- for dman on the team at a respectable -4. I'd say a good pick up by Bassin. Donnay has been disappointing he's suppose to be the big pure shut down dman and is a staggering -17 or whatever playing against the 2nd and 3rd lines. He has the size but lacks consistency. Kuleshov is brutal but something in his contract must prevent him from sitting and or being sent home. He barely plays and is still -12. I don't understand the kuzmyk trade at all I can't see him helping. I think Erie has 3 legitimate top 4 or dman in Pelech Abraham McDowell.

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