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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Sorry, but while I also fault PK for how stubborn he "seems" to be (we don't know anything for sure...), doing what's BEST for the team is icing the best team possible. We all know that Subban is and will be the #1 d-man for years to come. Markov is one injury to go for good. There are no other d-men in our prospect pool RIGHT NOW that comes close to what Subban is. He is an exception and should be treated that way. And for whoever stupid players will look at him badly 'cause he seems to be paid too much, well they should just look at the kind of the team they have with or without him and accept it.

Not sure why the fans HAVE to accept the fact that PK might be too demanding for Bergevin's taste or that we HAVE to accept that PK might not be well liked by his teamates...but how about the players accepting that they need the player that is PK in their lineup. Whether he's fun to be with or not. He's great at playing hockey.
Ofcourse, but if signing the best possible team means getting yourself in cap trouble, overpaying a playerby a lot(we don't know what Subban is asking for money wise), helping your other players to use the Subban contract to make more money for themselves than they otherwise would good of a team will you be icing two, three, four years from now?

Bergevin has been saying over and over that they want to make this team good for a very long time. PK is part of that plan I'm sure, but severely overpaying him clearly isn't(again, we don't know what PK is asking for).

Since we are all Canadiens fans first, we should try to get into Bergevin's mind first. It's nowhere near as simple as make it out to be. I've been agreeing with you for much of the discussion, but may our impatience not cloud our judgement.

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