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01-19-2013, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Flyers won't be getting any RFAs with an offer-sheet imo, in fact i doubt they even try. Only way the Flyers get an RFA is through a trade at which point we have no idea what the rest of the roster will look like/which holes will then need to be filled. When speculating on future rosters i think it's best to fill holes with UFAs.

also i don't see the Flyers getting a #1 goalie if they buy out bryz, at least not in the foreseeable future. the market is very thin and it seems some have forgot just how hard it is to acquire a quality #1 goalie. i also don't see them getting a bona fide #1 d-man for the same reason so some of those UFA d-men would be a good option as a stop gap until one becomes available or the Flyers draft one (just writing that made me laugh).

at this point i think the best we can hope for is for bryz to play well so he doesn't get bought out (at least not this upcoming off-season) and for the flyers to instead buyout Briere this off-season to get some cash for solidifying the back end with someone like Streit, a high quality forward (** cough ** perry ** cough **) and a cheap back-up. anything else could be filled from within, like Gus for the bottom pairing or wellwood, McGinn etc for the 12th and 13th forwards.
I re-read this part of your post, when exactly does the buy-out period take place? I'm just thinking about how they worked it with the NBA. Teams used it strategically by signing the guy they wanted before buying out their own player. For example, the Sixers wanted to sign Nick Young and wanted to stay under the cap/avoid paying luxury tax, they signed Young then bought out Elton Brand. Just thinking to myself outloud here, if we could do the same with Perry. Sign Perry and then buyout Briere, not the reverse, of buying out Briere then going after Perry. Would allow the Flyers take a swing at a big name player like Perry or even Getzlaf while having the protection of knowing if they miss at least they still have Briere. They could even do that the following season as well. Again, it would nice if I knew more about how these amnesty buy-outs work. Any CBA guru to help me out here?

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